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Cranshackels Series Recap

Posted on Jun 19th, 2020, 3:22pm EST

And then there was one, but what a year and a crazy year at that! For those of you who read these little Tid-Bits could you do me a huge favor and post a comment to the guys who run this thing. As Hoots mentioned, and I do agree, this is the best SX/MX Fantasy league out there.

Speaking of Hoots, just as we thought Southland_Racing44 was gonna run off with this thing some dude on a 3 pack of owls flew in and took over the points lead, goes by the name Hoots in case you wondered. Meanwhile at Salt Lake City, round 1706 MEANKITTY came back to the podium to take the win. Fencinbrinson occupied the #2 spot while 22_20, jspecex, and T-payneMONEY161 squabbled over 3rd. FLmxer and GPF are flipping a coin for 4th and Mr. Stingray rounds out the top 5 or 8th, however you wish to look at it.

With one round left it aint over! Hoots3pack, 3 pack of Hoots to equal 6, or just plain Hoots holds a narrow lead of 19 points over long time series leader Southland_Racing44. I'd start drinking now if I were you too, actually I might start drinking for you guys anyway! You can't leave out jspecex though who isn't far behind and could pull it off if the stars align. Crazy how this whole COVID-19(and a 19 point lead, thats ironic) has affected this whole thing but for all you dads, we couldn't have a better day to have a SX final, Fathers Day!

Thanks to all of you who played SX Fantasy and tuned in to my crazy recaps and gibberish, hope to see you all for outdoors! And Again, a BIG Thanks to the guys at for putting this thing on. Show these guys some love! Good Luck Sunday and Happy Fathers Day!

EdJe Crankshackel (selectively taking side bets on who's ass I'm going to kick for outdoors)

Crankshackel Chronicle Round 14

Posted on Jun 13th, 2020, 6:04pm EST

So being the top 5 resulted in ties all the way down to 11th I'm refusing the right to write about it all and focus on the championship at hand. COME ON Hoots, nothing against you Southland_Racing but Hoots has a better Team name depending on your interpretations. I myself am a fan of perky, big, round, voluptuous owls. Hoots just reminds my of those amazing animals sometime called Hooters. I believe there is a restaurant called Hooters but no real reference to owls at that place, you'll have to hit up a zoo.

Anyhow, Hoots has climbed within 62 points of long time points leader Southland_Racing44 with only 2 rounds left or is it 3. Might be trying to throw some of you off. YZF999 and Tpoe site within 100 points of the leader and few other are not far off. Anything can happen in this league, JackSmit could pull a Stingray out of Team_Bathwater while Jaet452 could Ryan_Feelapoopoo_Coming and drop a Jspecex on EJC542. Any that my friends is all up for your own interpretation. I may or may not be drinking at this point.

See you on the gate tomorrow.


Round 13 Recap w/ Crankshackel

Posted on Jun 9th, 2020, 6:33pm EST

Another one in the books, don't blink, you might miss one! Some familiar faces in the top 5 last Sunday. Well, not really familiar faces but Team names rather. We had a 3 way tie for 5th with Bobsbigboys, TheWeapons, and C3 p.o racing. Cournoyer116 and and sixfiftythree are still fighting over 4th. As for 3rd, no room on Hawaii's J(roadtohanna)hann41's surfboard as 3rd place was on lockdown. Another battle for 2nd between hunterracing and FourFiveSeven but up front it was all baker Mayfield48 throwing a hail marry for the win.

Still a pretty tight battle for the series championship but can anyone knock off Southland_Racing44? Only 147 points separate Southland from 10th place so if your sitting in the top 10, your saying there is a chance. 4 rounds left to decide this championship. As for myself, I have made it into the top 40 so I"m inclined to say I've put a hurt on most of you, well except for about 40.

Gotta love all the racing these days, fans or no fans, 2 raced in 1 week is awesomeeeeeeee!

See you on the gate tomorrow.

Good Luck!

EdJe Crankshackel

Round 12 Crankshackel's Race Recap

Posted on Jun 6th, 2020, 10:37pm EST

Salt Lake City 2 is in the books, or round 12 whichever you think you want to call it. Which means Salt Lake City 3 is next, or round 13 whichever you want to call it, is tomorrow, if your reading this today Saturday. Any guesses where round 14 will be next Wednesday? Well whatever you want to call it, this is the best 3 weeks in Supercross viewing history.

Salt Lake City 1 seemed like everyone was holding hands out on the track, ties everywhere. Round 12 or Salt Lake City 2 was a little different. WG476 and Bark950 put up a tie for 5th/6th. Shaneg223 nabs a dirty 4th behind NJMoto188 and Ryan_Feelapoopoo_Comin, now I"m pretty sure the last place I would want to be is behind a dude with a name like that. Annnnnd, Cournoyer116 grabs the win at Salt Lake City 2, round 13 in Salt Lake City. Be sure and get your picks in as we are back racing tomorrow for Salt Lake City 3, Round 13, in Salt Lake City, then again next Wednesday for round 14, Salt Lake City 4 in Salt Lake City.


EdJe Crankshackel

EdJe COVID Crankshackel's Race Recap

Posted on Jun 2nd, 2020, 1:42pm EST

COVID Crankshackel coming to you straight outa quarantine but We gotta make this quick, we got racing to do but before we get started I gotta change my mask, go throw a rock through the neighbors window, vandalize my other neighbors mean cat, might take a leak on my other neighbors chickens and stick a 12 inch cotton swab up my nose to tickle my brain so I can write something funny. Ok back to business. Hope all you are hanging in there during these crazy times.

But we are back racing and oooooh what a good one this past Sunday. At least all of us racing were friendly as there were ties all over the place. MXKXCHAMP27, Jaet452(I think I know this kid), AromaticFilters, and Airchairdave(sup Airchair, good to see you back in the top 5) all tied for the final spot on the box. Crocodile Hunter killer Stingray and MEANKITTY are still trying to iron out 3rd and 4th with a tie at 304 and we have some new cats to the top of the podium. I was really pulling for Turnt to take the win be he came up short most likely because he was Turnt and the win goes to Hoots. Now if Hoots sign on was Hooters I may be happier that Hoots got the win. For now all I picture are owls. Then again I still have a 12 inch cotton swab up my nose.

None the less, drop rounds I believe have been applied and we got 6 rounds to iron this thing out. Probably going to be the best racing in the history of Supercross with 3 weeks of solid racing. See you on the gate tomorrow night.

EdJe COVID Crankshackel

peace out and once again feel free to reply in the comment section and lets have 3 good weeks of some trash talking!