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Supercross Cancelled - Indianapolis, IN * Detroit, MI * Seattle, WA

Posted on Mar 13th, 2020, 8:52pm EST

Stay tuned for more information. As precautions are being taken to limit the spread of COVID-19, Feld Entertainment has announced that Indianapolis, Detroit and Seattle Supercross rounds have been cancelled. We will try and stay consistent with the current situation as of now the Motocross Fantasy SX game as been put on hold and will remain so until the next Supercross is planned. Sounds like they are trying to reschedule the next race for March 28th. The location for this event has yet to be announced by Feld Entertainment. Picks will remain open until that round is confirmed, at which point the lockout time will close at the confirmed time and date. We will try and post the next race and lockout time once we know when that is. If the tentative race on March 28th gets cancelled or rescheduled, the same rules apply to the next scheduled race.

We will Provide a updated Schedule and more information as it becomes available. Additional questions or concerns may be sent to

Godspeed to everyone! Try and stay safe out there as the world may end! Oh and please for the love of god try and not buy all the Toilet Paper as some of us might actually need some!

Drink lots of Corona, we are hearing that it kills the virus!

-Motocross Fantasy

2020 SX Round 10 "EdJe" Race Recap

Posted on Mar 12th, 2020, 8:16pm EST

Well, this weeks race recap has been cancelled because the Corona virus ate my fingers and I ran out of toilet paper. However, there was a race last weekend so lets recap that one! Apparently your all scared of EdJe Crankshackel because no one took me up on my side bet. cp160 was our big winner last weekend in Daytona, probably not a good time to make jokes about Kobee32 who finished a solid 2nd place. mtd610 landed on the 3rd step of the box. SmellyVagMotorsports(not going to touch that one) and SX161 finished 4th and 5th with a tie and Gnardog gets credit for 6th. Everyone else crashed in the whoop section and that was it.

South_Racing44 now has an 82 points lead over jspecex but who knows what is going to happen from here on out. Indy is cancelled, Seattle is cancelled, this is not good, stupid, but not good. Jdubabdubs sits in 3rd and new comers to the top 5 Team_Bathwater and mtd610 round out 4th and 5th respectively.

Cranktip for the week: Grab a play station or X-box and play Monster Energy Supercross the official video game Saturday night. Might fill the void of no Supercross.

Well, not sure how this is all going to end but until we meet again, ride safe, drink lots of Corona or PBR and pray for Supercross. See you on the gate....................sometime I guess!


2020 SX Round 9 "EdJe" Race Recap

Posted on Mar 6th, 2020, 11:15am EST

Well, holy goat nuts, for those of you who are keeping an eye on the Pro Series Championship, last Saturday was not what we wanted to see happen. Team Chaparral Motorsports Southand_Racing44 and his so-cal peeps took the overall and extended his championship points lead. Old school freestyle rider CrossupKings kept Southland honest but couldn't pull off the victory. Captgrif22(probably a Chad Reed fan) nabbed the final step on the box with KAMIKAZE 4TH and jspecex rounded out the top 5.

This weekends race is usually a big turning point in the season as we head to the always tricky Daytona Supercross.

This weeks Cranktips: Pick guys who are usually good a Arenacross as the track is usually very tight, one lined, and riders can't get out of 2nd gear.

Cranktip #2: Eli Tomac is terrible at Daytona and if it rains Chad Reed will win on a 2 stroke.

Crankstip #3: If you click on 2020-SX Top Picks you can see each weekends Top Picks and what percentage chance they have to win.(might have made that last part up, percentages confuse me)

Lastly, I'm entertaining all side bets that EdJe Crankshackel will kick your ass this weekend.

Talk to you soon!


2020 SX Round 8 "EdJe" Race Recap

Posted on Feb 27th, 2020, 11:27am EST

They say everything is bigger in Texas so I guess that's cool. Anyway, there was a race last weekend there in Texas, yep a big o'l supercross show with some dirt bikes, and some dirt bike riders, and some more dirt bike riders, and some dirt! From what I gather it went a little something like this. This metal gate dropped and all em dirt bike riders came firing out at the same damn time. There was this one dude Aug33 that was leading them all around and then he got confused with what wheel was suppose to go first and headed into a big ol triple type jump on the front wheel, did a circus forward front flip, landed on the concrete, got up, this other dude Rubba JDubadubs stopped to help out, rubbed some dirt on him and then took off to win the race. Yep, saw it happen, Aug23 finished er out in 5th place. There was a couple other fellas running around pretty good too, Speedshift54 was a smoke show burning up his clutch I believe but he got 2nd. bbmx545 somehow got credit for 3rd but he shared the box with some dude on a Honda MXKXCHAMP27. I guess they had the same score! Some fireworks went off, there was some fire flames, people wur screaming and fighting then everyone disappeared before all the PBR was gone.

It was pretty cool, I'd go again!

Rumor has it there's gonna be another one this weekend up in Georgia. Think I'll go to that one too!

See ya next week!

EdJe Crankshackel signing off for now! Anyone every see I seem to have trouble spelling my last name consistently, never was good at spelling!


2020 SX Round 7 "edJe" Race Recap

Posted on Feb 21st, 2020, 11:08am EST

And here we are, the halfway point of what is turning out to be a pretty tight battle. The top 10 are within 100 points of each other but Sevs1 showed the field the fast way around Tampa last week grabbing what I believe is his first overall for the season. KillamTire nabbed the #2 spot on the podium while steveswhoops landed on the 3rd step of the box. Stroker15 and bbmx545 rounded out the top 5 respectively.

Southland_Racing44 still maintains the overall series points lead by a mere 12 points over nema281. Tpoe and Micah422 are in a tight battle for 3rd with JDubadubs a close 5th.

Cranktip for the week. Triple Crown! There is a decent strategy for the triple crown but that is up to you to figure out.

With tight handicaps this season it is easy to lose points but seems to be a tid bit harder to make up points.

I must apologize for the short recap this week. Life happens!

Good Luck to all this weekend, keep twisting and we'll see you guys next week, I'll most likely be drinking for next weeks recap so it should be good.