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2020 SX Round 8 "EdJe" Race Recap

Posted on Feb 27th, 2020, 11:27am EST

They say everything is bigger in Texas so I guess that's cool. Anyway, there was a race last weekend there in Texas, yep a big o'l supercross show with some dirt bikes, and some dirt bike riders, and some more dirt bike riders, and some dirt! From what I gather it went a little something like this. This metal gate dropped and all em dirt bike riders came firing out at the same damn time. There was this one dude Aug33 that was leading them all around and then he got confused with what wheel was suppose to go first and headed into a big ol triple type jump on the front wheel, did a circus forward front flip, landed on the concrete, got up, this other dude Rubba JDubadubs stopped to help out, rubbed some dirt on him and then took off to win the race. Yep, saw it happen, Aug23 finished er out in 5th place. There was a couple other fellas running around pretty good too, Speedshift54 was a smoke show burning up his clutch I believe but he got 2nd. bbmx545 somehow got credit for 3rd but he shared the box with some dude on a Honda MXKXCHAMP27. I guess they had the same score! Some fireworks went off, there was some fire flames, people wur screaming and fighting then everyone disappeared before all the PBR was gone.

It was pretty cool, I'd go again!

Rumor has it there's gonna be another one this weekend up in Georgia. Think I'll go to that one too!

See ya next week!

EdJe Crankshackel signing off for now! Anyone every see I seem to have trouble spelling my last name consistently, never was good at spelling!


2020 SX Round 7 "edJe" Race Recap

Posted on Feb 21st, 2020, 11:08am EST

And here we are, the halfway point of what is turning out to be a pretty tight battle. The top 10 are within 100 points of each other but Sevs1 showed the field the fast way around Tampa last week grabbing what I believe is his first overall for the season. KillamTire nabbed the #2 spot on the podium while steveswhoops landed on the 3rd step of the box. Stroker15 and bbmx545 rounded out the top 5 respectively.

Southland_Racing44 still maintains the overall series points lead by a mere 12 points over nema281. Tpoe and Micah422 are in a tight battle for 3rd with JDubadubs a close 5th.

Cranktip for the week. Triple Crown! There is a decent strategy for the triple crown but that is up to you to figure out.

With tight handicaps this season it is easy to lose points but seems to be a tid bit harder to make up points.

I must apologize for the short recap this week. Life happens!

Good Luck to all this weekend, keep twisting and we'll see you guys next week, I'll most likely be drinking for next weeks recap so it should be good.


2020 SX Round 6 "EdJe" Race Recap

Posted on Feb 13th, 2020, 8:02pm EST

Annnnnd thats a wrap for the 1st half of the 250 West as the series moves East and the 250 East boys get ready to do battle. Smith585 took the win last week in San Diego with Kent45 in tow. CUSTOMFLOORHEATING(assuming a roofer) was looking for a solo 3rd until PHILOBEDO HAD OTHER PLANS AND TIED IT UP AT THE FINISH. ALL CAPS SEEMS TO BE THE THEME THIS WEEK SO WE MAY AS WELL KEEP IT GOING! PACIFIC NW NATIVE TRF503(AND ALSO A MEMBER OF THE PNW FANTASY LEAGUE) COULD'T SHAKE YZF999(MOST LIKELY ON A HONDA) FOR 5TH AS THE TWO WOULD GET CREDIT FOR YET ANOTHER TIE FOR 4TH. moto_x151(back to lower case) would round out the top 5(or 7th) however you want to look at it.

In the overall series standings, repping the Sunny Socal Hang loose Team Chaparral Motorsports Southland_Racing44 extends his lead! New to the top 5 and welcome, nema281 moves into 2nd will Mr Missouri Micah422 remains in the top 5 at 3rd. Tpain Tpoe also moves into the top 5 holding down 4th with (BACK TO ALL CAPS) KTR27RACING RUBADUBDUBING JDubadubs out the top 5. I've been drinking again.

This weeks Cranktip: Refer to sentence #1 of the above!

Someday this forum will catch on and it will be awesome! Until then, I'll keep writing aimlessly and thank you for those who have been responding.


2020 SX Round 5 "EdJe" Race Recap

Posted on Feb 7th, 2020, 7:38pm EST

Whoaaaaa, Pacific NW representing the top 5 this week. For those of you who know and or don't know, the Pacific NW is no stranger to SX and MX fantasy league. I believe there is a group up there that has been rolling fantasy league for 11 years now. These guys n gals are serious, well about 40 of them. That being said, hailing from the Pacific NW, it is no surprise that Scotte271 found the top step of the podium this past week at Oakland, or is it a big surprise. Either way I'm not surprised! Berner154 made him work for it while bbmx545 kept Berner154 in check. Nobody was safe this weekend while nema281 kept the Berner154 honest and the 3 time Pacific NW Grand Champion Camo323 had an eye on everyone rounding out the top 5. I don't care who you are or what league you play, you gotta watch out for Camo323, if he is on the gate, he is a threat! The top 5 were within 8 points of each other. Great racing last weekend.

Southland_Racing44 maintains the points lead but Missouri's own Micah422 jumps into 2nd sitting only 3 points back. I'd seriously be a little worried about Crankshakel back in 75th. Jordan421 apparently doesn't want anyone to know where he is from as he straight disappeared outa the top 5. Jdubadubs and nema281 join the top 5 this week for the overall series points standings.

Thanks for tuning in and feel free to give us some info on where your from, what you ride, if you ride, or if you just a super fan!

Thanks for tuning in!

EdJe Crankshackel

2020 SX Round 4 "EdJe" Race Recap

Posted on Feb 1st, 2020, 12:34pm EST

Hey, Crankshakel here, while Kartracer56 took the overall in Glendale with a little pressure from ktm154, I would like to focus this week on the overall series standings. However, TeamTireTap and JDowers25 will get some recognition for 3rd and 4th respectively, there you go. Meanwhile, Ag476, FusionGraphix471, and sarge are all still in a mean game of rock, scissors, paper to iron out 5th place because they all tied.

In the Pro Series, Micah422 came outa no where and has taken over the points lead and will carry the red # plate heading into Oakland. Southland_Racing44 has been up front most of the season and appears to be a threat. Sarge is lurking in 3rd place and jordan421 sits a close 4th. Which brings me to Jordan421, last year I called out a few racers and got some response so I ask the question to you Jordan421, are you from Spokane, WA. If not never mind, I have no idea who you are. Rubadub JDubadubs(say that five times quickly) round out the top 5 in the series.

This weeks Crank-Tip: drink some PBR while making your picks, it is much less stressful, you'll be surprised with your results. I think I"m going to start now.

Lets see if we can get to know some our front runners, Micah422 where you from? Southland_Racing44 probably from Southland somewhere but where you from homie, Sarge, Jdubadubsadubs???

EdJe Crankshackel