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Changes to the Site

Posted on Mar 31st, 2011, 10:32pm EST

If you seem a little confused, we renamed some of the pages on the league. I felt the names we had really didn't explain what the page was used for.

Team Status is now Choose Riders

Manage Teams is now Team Standings

Bragging Rights, MX Talk

Posted on Mar 28th, 2011, 10:45pm EST

For those of you that want to talk about their season so far, or those that just like to talk MX, we have added a forum link to the site. We have teamed up with Pitracer and they are helping us out by adding a Motocross Fantasy section on their site. Please click on the Pitracer Forums link on the left side of this page and sign up to begin "chatting." Start some topics for us all to join in.

Week 12 Toronto Fantasy Supercross Results

Posted on Mar 27th, 2011, 11:23pm EST

Toronto seemed to bring back some normalcy to Supercross. There weren't many surprises (Villopoto again) and the night ended pretty quiet. The 450 championship is now even more exciting, with both Villopoto and Stewart chasing Reed, with Dungy and Canard right in the hunt. In the 250's Wilson seems to be back on his game, but I'm afraid Barcia might be playing this smart with the lead he has on the rest of the field.

Only a few underdogs scored double points and all of the regulars qualified for the mains. Holeshot726 jumped back out front witha 79 point lead by staying pretty safe with his picks and choosing the correct 2 underdogs in the 450 class (Wey and Seely). Here are the rest of the top 10:

2nd Blitzen (+2 from last week, nice)
3rd Wildnfast (Ouch, bad week -2)
4th TeamTireTap (Keeps moving up +1)
5th Hungryhippo (Little Slip -2)
6th Barrington_Racing (Consistent)
7th killerthrashmonkey (Consistent)
8th Funkytown (+1 from last week)
9th fmf (Welcome back)
10th Dash (First timer to the top ten club)

Here are the weekly winners for Round 12 in each division: It was nice to see weekly winners with just under 200 points!

Pro Circuit

Toronto Links

Posted on Mar 25th, 2011, 11:59pm EST

Links for week 12:

Lockout time is 4:30 PST (7:30 EST)

Supercross Past Results

Live Timing

Schedule All Times on this are EST

Official Supercross Website

Toronto Practice times

Also, at this point in the season, you need to check the injury report, so here is a recent one I found:

Racer X Injury Report

Week 11 Jax Fantasy Supercross Results

Posted on Mar 21st, 2011, 11:51pm EST

Wow, everything you thought wouldn't happen did Saturday night. RV2, Brayton, Baggett, Anderson all DNQ without being seriously injured. Stewart and Wharton crashed early and finished way back, getting very little points, and Alessi actually pulled his first holeshot in almost a year. Hopefully there will not be a full moon next week!

Our league was turned upside down this week also. The top 10 point scorers in each class were underdogs, leaving the favorites on the bottom of the barrel in each class. Our 2 leaders Wildnfast and Holeshot726 each had Villopoto, Bubba, and Baggett, for a combined whopping 3 points and are still in the lead after week 11. The rest of the field is closing on them now though. Making his way up to 3rd this week is one very Hungryhippo! He seems to be moving up gradually each week.

The rest of the top 10 look like this:

4th Blitzen
5th TeamTireTap (Nice jump this week)
6th Barrington_Racing (Slipped a little)
7th killerthrashmonkey (Where'd this guy come from?)
8th Steve47 (Consistent)
9th Funkytown (Slipped too)
10th moto431 (Consistent)

Congratulations to PhatboyRacing for winning all 4 divisions and scoring the highest weekly score (296 points) so far for the league!