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2020 Fantasy Supercross Series

Posted on Dec 26th, 2019, 1:55pm EST

Welcome back to MotocrossFantasy.Com for the 2020 Supercross Season. Thanks to everyone for a fun year in 2019 and we are on the home stretch to A1 for the start of the 2020 Supercross Season.

Click the Link above to sign up for the 2020 SX Season!

With the help of Power Motorsports and Kawasaki we will be giving away a 2020 KX250 to the Supercross Grand Champion.

2020 Grand Prizes now listed. Weekly Prizes will be listed Jan 2nd!

Round #11 Budds Creek- EdJe Crankshackel's Race Recap

Posted on Aug 22nd, 2019, 7:28pm EST

And then there was one, one more round of the 2019 motocross series. One more weekend before we all go into the deep depression of what the hell are we going to do until A1 without any motocross or supercross to watch or make pics on. I guess we just gotta ride now. However, we still have a series to finish and I know a fella who made up 143 points in his private fantasy league in 1 weekend. So if you think this is over, don't count on it.

Ktm154 not only took last weekend's overall win but found himself sitting in 3rd for the overall series standings sitting only 120 points out of the lead(refer to the last sentence of paragraph one). No offense, but Noahfense found himself on the #2 spot of the box last weekend while chrislynnmx found the top five once again coming home in 3rd overall on the weekend. Chrislynmx sits just outside the top for for the series standings. It has been fun to see various riders Team names up front each week but this next one................well.................BrocTicklemynuts wound up in the #4 spot on the weekend. MX161 would round out the top 5 and sits 12th overall.

Will Thall767 be denied the motocross title? Berno sits in 2nd only 50 points behind Thall767. Paris289 and TheWeapons are separated by 15 points respectfully. And my favorite Team name of the year thus far JackSmit hovers just outside the top 5.

It has been a great season and Thank you for those who tuned in and responded to the Race Recaps this season. I hope you enjoyed them and we hope to continue the Shenanigans for next year. The more shit you guys talk in the comment sections, the more I have to write about.

Tune in next week for EdJe Crankshackels season recap.

Good luck this weekend to all of you battling for your private series and the series overall championships.

EdJe Crankshackel

Round #10 Unadilla- EdJe Crankshackel's Race Recap

Posted on Aug 16th, 2019, 1:52pm EST

With only 2 rounds left to go in the 2019 motocross series brought to you by, Thall767 holds a narrow 100 ish points lead over berno. Jack links sponsored, Jack of all trades, Jumping Jack flash, Jacksmit moved himself up to 3rd while Paris289 and Redrider382 battle it out for the #4 and #5 spot.

The tour stopped last week at the legendary Unadilla Motocross track. While our front runners in the series played it somewhat conservative. Redrider382 is making a last ditch charge to put himself up front. Redrider382 landed on the last step of the box not before giving chase to TeamJensDanker who ended up 2nd overall. MX161 had a battle with the rleMaico for 4th and 5th. MX161 looked to have 4th on lock down but got stuck in a rut on the last lap and the rleMaico blew by him on the vintage Maico to take over 4th. Out front it was all nickj308 who grabbed the holeshot and never looked back taking the victory.

Only 2 rounds left and we have a battle as the series heads to Budds creek. As Dave Despain used to say on Motoworld years ago, "Keep your wheels on the ground and your feet on the pegs". Of which I really never agreed with. How boring would Motocorss and Supercross be if we all kept our wheels on the ground and our feet on the pegs. Maybe he was just referring to the road racers. C'mon Dave, how about keep your wheels off the ground and one foot on the pegs! That's more like it!

Till next time!

EdJe Crankshackel

Round #09 Washougal - EdJe Crankshackel's Race Recap

Posted on Aug 7th, 2019, 6:03pm EST

Gooood Morning Washougalllllll. If you have ever been to the Washougal National or raced at Washougal you are very familiar with those words. Round 9 of the 2019 motocross series brought to you by stopped in the Pacific Northwest at Washougal Washington. The Northwest I have to say has been known to produce some pretty fast dirt bikers from Ryan Villopoto, Lance Smail, Larry Ward, Jason McCormich, Ryan Huffman, to a current crew of Noah McConahy, Collin Jurin(not a silent J) Chris Howell, and Rory Sullivan, just to name a few. Another name you might or might not recognized stopped by this week to have a quick chat about the race this past weekend. Stu Pidasso is also no slouch on a dirt bike, 4 time 6 days ISDE team memeber, 20 year podium veteran at the Odessa 100 and pretty sure he won it a few times, GNCC, Endurocross extraordinary and the dude can put it down on an MX track too.

EdJe: Hey Stu, good to see you man, How you been? Stu: Really good man, just busy as hell.

EdJe: Thanks for stopping by to chat with us about Washougal, but first is that your real name Stu Pidasso? Stu: I cant tell you that, is EdJe Crankshackel your real name?

EdJe: Good point, So what was your take on the race last weekend? Stu: Well, being I'm kind of a woods guy I like Washougal because its in the woods.

EdJe: Did you watch the race? Stu: No

EdJe: Ummm, how are we suppose to chat about the race if you didn't watch it. Stu: I heard about it. That Rory Sullivan dude just keeps coming back for more doesn't he? Isn't he like 96 years old?

EdJe: It was pretty cool to see quit a few guys from the Northwest making the show, Stu: It is always good to see hometown guys do good, but what the hell is Rory Sullivan still doing out there?

EdJe: Arent you and Rory pretty good friends? Stu: No, never met the guy!

EdJe: Well Stu, this is where we do a little Race Recap for our league and weekend top 5 you wanna give this a shot? Stu: Give what a shot? EdJe: Race Recap, the reason you came on the show!

Stu: Oh sure, Tomacattack and Ferrandidadis won. EdJe: No, for our league

Stu: Oh ya, says here....SackettRacing got 5th, BBmx545 got 4th, Camo323 got 3rd but nobody could see him, Aug33 got 2nd, and aaronh731 got 1st. How did I do? EdJe: Well Pretty Accurate! Well thanks Stu-Pid-asso for coming out to chat with us and hopefully next time you watch the race and can give us a little more insight.

Stu: Yep, will do, was that really Rory Sullivan or an impostor! EdJe: Thanks Stu, chat with ya later

The overall series standings looks a little like this, thall767 still holding down the #1 spot with hawaii Jahanna41 second, Nelso came out of his mid season slump and is climbing back to the top, Berno makes an appearance for 4th and my dude JackSmit falls to 5th.

See you on the gate this Saturday.


Round #08 Spring Creek Recap

Posted on Jul 25th, 2019, 3:59pm EST

What a week! We found Mike Storm, although we weren't really looking for him, more curious. Good to hear from you though Mike! SMP for life brother! Well thats all,,,,,,,,,,good luck this weekend at Washougal and we'll see you next week.

Just kidding, Stroker15 was the man to beat in the mud last week though. That sucker was smoking, spitting anit-freeze, I'm pretty sure he threw a crankshackel crossing the finish line but it was good enough for the win. Airchairdave kept Stroker15 honest but the skag just couldn't quite cut through the mud fast enough. Airchairdave would land in the top 5 for the second time this season. Canon400, bigchris036 and the frenchie Paris289 would have them a battle for the 4th spot. Canon400 managed to pedal his way into the 3rd spot, followed by bigchris036, and paris289 respectively. I believe this is paris289's second trip to the top 5 this year as well.

Thall767 holds down the points lead, Nelso drops to 4th, Jhann41's hanging 10 in 2nd, berno steps up to the plate for 5th and my boy Jacksmit is lurking in 3rd.

Going to keep it short this week as I blew out my Achilles tendon and I need to head to the store and get some pain meds, and I'm outa beer.

Tune in next week as we have a special guest joining us for the race recap. 4 time Six Days ISDE participant, GNCC, Endurocross, Motocross, you name it, this guy can ride it all, and ride it well. Stu Pidasso will be checking in with us and his take on the Washougal National.

See you next week!