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Drop Round Info!

Posted on Jul 3rd, 2019, 9:33pm EST

When the results get posted on Saturday for Redbud, your lowest round will be dropped from your overall score and shown in the Team/User Standings as well. Check out the race recaps here and at every week to learn more! Thanks for playing.

Round #06 Southwick- EdJe Chainlinks Race Recap!

Posted on Jul 3rd, 2019, 7:55pm EST

Holy Moly, I would say it is safe to say that Larocket can ride in the sand. Quiet possibly the best fantasy sand rider in the history of fantasy sand riders. Larocket posted 653 points this past weekend to take the overall at The Wick. J(road to)hanna41 straight out of Hawaii(or not) showed us that the heat and humidity was no issue for herm and found hermself on the box again this weekend nailing down 2nd overall. Sevs1 was all alone in 3rd while thall767 shalt not be denied a run to the top of the overall series standings as thall767 fended off Team Honda's fill in rider Redrider382 for 4th.

Picks were all over the board this weekend with the highest percentage of any rider only being 3.85%. Thall676 must have hacked Nelso's picks as Thall knocked off Nelso for the overall series points lead. J(road to)hann41 has moved into the #3 spot while one of my favorite riders JackSmit holds down 4th. Just like the name JackSmit. Good Stuff!

I gotta call out Mike Storm who holds down the #5 spot for the overall series standings wondering if you are the same Mike Storm from the Pacific NW. A fast kid you where Mike Storm if you are the same Mike Storm. If so give us a waive or send us a comment, If not then never mind, EdJe Chainlinks don't know who you are.

Happy 4th of July to all you dirt monkeys and dont forget your pick this weekend(or do, especially Thall676 and Nelso), Red Buddddddddddddddddd.

Would love to have some comments to scatter back at you suckers! Trash talking is a good time, especially in fantasy league.

EdJe Chainlinks, out.

Round #05 Florida- EdJe Chainlinks Race Recap!

Posted on Jun 27th, 2019, 9:23pm EST

Well at least the track last week was nice and smooth and it wasn't humid at all down at the 5th round of the motocrossfantasy fantasy series in Florida. Ironically Gatedroppedbraaap grabbed the holeshot in all 4 moto's this weekend but couldn't stay out front long enough to get the win. Route Team_66 had time to take a small dip in the in-filed pool each lap to keep himself cool while he walked away with the overall. MOOREtocross(my guess is there is a moore in his real name somewhere, clever) and Gatedroppedbraaap had themselves a little battle for 2nd and 3rd with Gatedrop edging out Mooretocross by just 2 points. Meanwhile the battle for 4th and 5th this weekend was intense while Dwallzee and Paris289 couldnt break free from each other all day long. On lap 289 Paris289's bike started to over heat so he sent it into the infield pond by the start straight to cool it off. Dwallzee stopped to make sure he was ok and the two proceeded to build an Eiffel tower sand castle. Once completed, Dwallzee gave Paris289 and ride to the checkers tandem style, Dwallzee would get credit for 4th while Paris289 would nab 5th but both riders were awarded 500 points. Close racing last weekend.

If my calculations are correct(which they rarely are), this will mark the 2nd week Nelso would hold down the overall series points lead over Chrislynnmx. Ktm154 took his shot at TheWeapons and moved into 3rd while The Weapons holds down 4th. JackSmit holds down 5th and FourSevenSix(who is still waiting for that drop round to help him out) didn't help himself out last week and dropped from 12th to 21st.

If your wondering what happened to Koga, refer to tip #4 of the previous race recap. Koga pulled a Stepek!

See you in the Sand Box this weekend!

EdJe Chainlinks

Round #04 High Point- EdJe Chainlinks Race Recap!

Posted on Jun 20th, 2019, 7:04pm EST

Hey, Happy late Fathers Day and Welcome back from a weekend off as we dropped the gate last weekend at High Point. And if you thought Stepek was going to be a great pick well, you were wrong. However 2 of our 5 top this weekend did pick him and somehow still made it into the top 5. Nelso did finally manage to take over the points series though. As for the race, it was more of a follow the leader type of Caedusa58 from Denmark grabbed the holeshot and never looked back. EJC542 would have grabbed the win but WADA found a high concentration of PBR in his system and docked him a position putting him back to 2nd. EJC542 will appeal the ruling stating he was unaware of how any amounts of PBR was found in his system. Cournoyer116 managed to fend of a vintage ATK406 for 3rd and Don Elmer's counterpart FMF2 landed in the number 5 spot this weekend. We/I decided to change it up this weekend and offer some sound advice on making your picks.

1. Make your picks, usually a good plan if you want to score some points.
2. Hack into Nelso's account and see who he picks each week because it seems to be doing some good.
3. Drinking PBR while making your picks, worked for EJC542 this weekend even though he claims he had none. Our sources report otherwise!
4. Go with your gut, if you feel your pick is going to Stepek, he is probably going to Stepek!
5. Run a background check on any rider you feel may be on your pick list.

As for your overall series standings, yes Nelso has found his way to the top, followed by Chrisly-nnmx who still know more then most, and in all honesty I'm a little afraid of the 3rd place TheWeapons!

Now go grab yourself a PBR and we'll see you on the gate come Saturday!

EdJe Chainlinks

Round #03 Thunder Valley- EdJe Chainlinks Race Recap!

Posted on Jun 11th, 2019, 7:04pm EST

Well then, Just off the Hawaiian Supercross KathieHawaii surfed her way up to Colorado with J(Road to Hanna)41 in tow, for round 3 of the 2019 MX series. Annnnnnd then there was Nelso, who for the 2nd week in a row has found hermself on the 3rd step of the podium. One would think that Nelso should be leading the overall point series by now but herm's not. Please dont take offense to my use of gender recognition as I really have no idea who Nelso is or who anybody is for that matter. Just trying to have some fun here. Now any of you could make a comment and then we could all get a glimpse of who you are behind these ever so clever sign on's.

Now then, Big383 grabbed the holeshot on his highly illegal big bore 383 service dirt bike and walked away with moto #1. Chrislynnmx would keep the Big383 in check but was unable to grab the moto win. Moto 2 would find Big383 out front again with Chrislynnmx in tow. Nelso was just a lurking slightly behind the 2 but was well aware of Kathiehawaii on her Sunomi sufboards backed ride with Jhanna41 twisting gribs and blowing berms behind her. Chrisly(knows best)nnmx did know best and started to real in Big383 but cross rutted and jumped off the track. Chrislynnmx would wonder around aimlessly for 2 laps trying find a safe way onto the track "not to gain any ground on Big383 and to enter the track safely". Chrislynnmx would pull onto the track next to Big383, the two would slow to a small conversation that ended in a high 5 and a thumbs up resulting in Chrislynnmx slowing allowing Big383 to regain the lead he had before Chrislynnmx's off track excursion. On lap 383 Big383 would give the nod, side saddle the big bore, and ride it for 7.6 second before driving it into the dirt ending in a non qualified ride. Chislynnmx would make the pass and go on for the win in moto 2 and the overall. Nelso would fend off several hang 10 attacks from kathiehawaii and twisy Jhanna41 to claim 3rd overall for the 2nd week in a row. Kathiehawaii would grab 4th and Jhanna41 would wind, twist, and turn for 5th overall.

On the podium Big383 expressed his frustrations with Chrislynnmx's off track excursion claiming he jumped the track, cut the corner, entered in an unsafe manner nearly cleaning him out, and feels he should still get credit for the overall. After watching the replay and strict orders from his Team Manager Big383 would loose his appeal and remain in 2nd for the weekend.

In the end Chrislynnmx did know best and is your overall series point leader with Nelso in 2nd.

Take a weekend off and we'll see you at High Point.

EdJe Chainlinks