Account Help

The $25 Race Division fee is a membership fee for the 2019 Complete Supercross Season & includes the maintenance too keep it running all season long. Although not required, it is a thank you to us that allows you to be eligible to win weekly and season grand prizes for your performance of your team by our sponsors.

Is it worth you ask? We have roughly over $1200 in weekly Gift card prizes along with Bonus prizes for each week. A random drawing for a Seattle SX VIP Experience, Brand new 2019 YZ250F, Real Deal MX Training Facility- 1 Week Camp, Fox Full Set of Gear, Shift Full set of gear, Devol Engineering Product Package- $500 Value, Goldentyre Tire set and so so so much more to come.....This is just for Supercross!

Underneath the login box’s, there is a link “cant access your account” Click that link and there will be two options to email you your lost password or your user/team name.

Yes, you can have as many username/team names as you want. if you want to compete for the prize division with more then one team, then click on “MANAGE TEAM” and you can create another team and join the Pro Series again.

Click on “Cant access my account” and there will be a “Forgot my password” box, fill that out and you will receive a email with a updated password. You can always update your password under the “Edit Profile” link.

We are currently having trouble with a few players signing up and being able to read the captcha code. If you are try another Browser or computer and it will display another code to be able to sign up. we are currently trying to fix the issue. Our old Captcha Code was allowing a TON of spam robots to sign up with fake accounts.


We plan to post the results shortly after the last Main Event. They will definitely be updated within a 24 hour period.

Yes we do Fantasy for both Supercross and Motocross but they are separate series. That ensures we can provide a prize division for both series throughout the year.

Once you are logged in, go to “EDIT PROFILE” and you can set a new password in that section.

There is a link below the Login box’s and also under the register tab that says “Cant access your account?” Click on that and you can enter your email to retrieve your password.

Help with Selecting Riders

This game isn't about picking the exact position. You are trying to guess what position your 4 selected riders are going to finish with the selected handicap added to that position. The main goal of this game is to try and get as many points as you can with all 4 riders chosen.

The handicap system is the most important part of the game. Your not actually trying to pick the riders finishing position. Your trying to pick the best 4 riders that will score the most points. The Handicaps give the riders a positive or negative finishing position based on their actual finishing position. for example, if Rider B has a handicap of 10 and he finishes 10th place, he will actually get scored for 1st place points. So its not always best to pick the rider that will most likely get 1st place because he may have a negative handicap because he is a top rider.

Underdogs are riders that will receive DOUBLE POINTS if they land in the top 10 after their handicap is calculated.

Positive Handicaps advance your riders position and Negative drops them farther down in position to calculate how many points they get for that week.

Racing Divisions

Once you pay the $25, you are automatically added into the Prize Division. At this point, go through the site, learn the rules and a few days before each race, the riders will be posted with their handicaps and you can start choosing them. Make sure you get your rider picks in before the lockout time!

Click on “CHOOSE RIDERS” and it will display what divisions you belong to.

You will need to know the name of the Division that you want to join. So give your friend a call and ask him what the name is and if there is a password to join if the Division is private.

New for 2019, you can join as many Bench Racing Divisions as you want.

Click on “Join A Series” after logging in with your team name. On the bottom of the page there will be a link to join or create bench racing division.

Mobile Help

Make sure you are using a updated browser on your phone. Firefox and Chrome are both excellent browsers. if you still cant get it to work, please email info@motocrossfantasy.com and we can try and help. You can also try another device to make sure the site is up and running.