2020 SX Round 1 "EdJe" Race Recap

Posted on Jan 8th, 2020, 6:22pm EST

EdJe Crankshakel here reporting 4 days post Anaheim 1 where we saw a pretty tricky track for the start of the 2020 MotcrossFantasy supercross season. We had a pretty tight battler here for the opener and yes after my call outs, I was no where near the front. Lotsa racing left but I tell you who was up front, hunterracing, Krause778 and KissYourGlass not to be mistaken for KissMyAss. None the less Hunterracing grabbed the holeshot only to jump off the track like so many others this past weekend. Krause778 would inherit the lead only to lose traction out of the corner and hand the lead back to Hunterracing. The Camo backed Hunterracing would motor on for the win and fend off a late, last lap charge from Krause778. Krause778 came up short and would lock down 2nd for the night with KissYourGlass in tow. EJC542 pulled a d-bag move, landed on a hay bail and would cut the corner. I guess he knows some people that know some other people who robbed some people so he would hold his spot in a tie for 4th with Jspecex. Michael Jordan421 would round out the top 5 or in the case 6th due to the tie for 4th and 5th.

I may be sitting in 154th after round 1 but I'm coming for you all. Just giving you dirt holes a head start.

See you on the gate this Saturday!


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