Cranshackels Series Recap

Posted on Jun 19th, 2020, 3:22pm EST

And then there was one, but what a year and a crazy year at that! For those of you who read these little Tid-Bits could you do me a huge favor and post a comment to the guys who run this thing. As Hoots mentioned, and I do agree, this is the best SX/MX Fantasy league out there.

Speaking of Hoots, just as we thought Southland_Racing44 was gonna run off with this thing some dude on a 3 pack of owls flew in and took over the points lead, goes by the name Hoots in case you wondered. Meanwhile at Salt Lake City, round 1706 MEANKITTY came back to the podium to take the win. Fencinbrinson occupied the #2 spot while 22_20, jspecex, and T-payneMONEY161 squabbled over 3rd. FLmxer and GPF are flipping a coin for 4th and Mr. Stingray rounds out the top 5 or 8th, however you wish to look at it.

With one round left it aint over! Hoots3pack, 3 pack of Hoots to equal 6, or just plain Hoots holds a narrow lead of 19 points over long time series leader Southland_Racing44. I'd start drinking now if I were you too, actually I might start drinking for you guys anyway! You can't leave out jspecex though who isn't far behind and could pull it off if the stars align. Crazy how this whole COVID-19(and a 19 point lead, thats ironic) has affected this whole thing but for all you dads, we couldn't have a better day to have a SX final, Fathers Day!

Thanks to all of you who played SX Fantasy and tuned in to my crazy recaps and gibberish, hope to see you all for outdoors! And Again, a BIG Thanks to the guys at for putting this thing on. Show these guys some love! Good Luck Sunday and Happy Fathers Day!

EdJe Crankshackel (selectively taking side bets on who's ass I'm going to kick for outdoors)


HootsJun 21st, 2020, 4:00pm EST

This is gonna be a dog fight, with a wash in the lites, its going to come down to the 450's. Awesome.

HootsJun 21st, 2020, 4:27pm EST

Dead heat going into the main. All the front runners are in the main, gonna come down to the last moto.

Fantasy_AdminJun 21st, 2020, 6:13pm EST

Congrats Hoots!! We will be in touch soon. All the series end and weekly prizes from the SLC rounds will be seeing those emails soon as well. Thanks for another fun year of Fantasy Supercross!

Southland_Racing44 Jun 21st, 2020, 6:36pm EST

Congrats on the win Hoots. I’ve been playing this league for about 10 years and was a crazy year for sure. Thanks to all admins that keep this fantasy league going over the years and looking forward to Outdoors. Cheers

HootsJun 21st, 2020, 7:12pm EST

Thank you Southland. I started racing SRA in 1983.Thank you again Motocrossfantasy.

HootsJun 22nd, 2020, 12:52am EST

Thank You Fantasy_Admin, Great, drama free game and the longest running fantasy MX/SX game around. Thank you guys again. 2010 MotoXfantasy Outdoor. 2020 Motocrossfantasy supercross. Hoots

EdJeJun 23rd, 2020, 6:03pm EST

Hell of a year guys! Nice work to both of you. Bummer Southland, Hoots snuck up on ya. Better start getting ready for outdoors cause EdJe is coming for both of you! I gotta not drink so much during picks! Thats my new strategy!

HootsJun 23rd, 2020, 9:04pm EST

Edje, great season. Outdoor will be just as fun. I did feel like I came out of no where to win that one. Sorry someone had to loose because it was a lot of fun. Do you know if I have to go to Oregon to get the bike.

Huckabuck777Jul 1st, 2020, 2:41am EST

Thanks for running the game, everyone, but I really hope there are some adjustments to the scoring system going forward. If you have any hope for success you have to pick all underdogs all the time. When the highest scoring guys each week are way down the list it makes the game a lot less fun. The actual podium finishers should be able to score points, and in this setup they do not.

moto431Aug 11th, 2020, 12:22am EST

Any word on outdoors? Or prizes from supercross?

JockAug 14th, 2020, 9:29am EST

Congrats Hoots, well done mate.

HootsSep 16th, 2020, 5:08am EST

Anyone hear whats up with this league, and the prizes? no bike yet.

moto431Sep 22nd, 2020, 3:13pm EST

Thats bullshit Hoots. Ive emailed and haven't heard anything

HootsSep 22nd, 2020, 7:33pm EST

I'm not going to go full tilt or anything, but I finally got ahold of a salesman from powersports in Oregon. The sponsor for the bike. First I was told that there was no 2020 left so I was gonna get a 2021. I said cool. Now still can't get ahold of Anyone but the salseman told me that they are gonna give me 5000 towards a new bike. So if I want a 2020 I'm gonna have to pay 2500 bucks. And even more on a 2021. I looked through the add again and didn't see anything about winning 5000 towards a new bike. Doesn't seem too professional to me. I hope this gets worked out.

HootsSep 28th, 2020, 12:31pm EST

What a disappointment the dudes from fusion , and Power motorsports are. I will follow up with details. hopefully this will get worked out, doesn't look like it.

HootsSep 28th, 2020, 12:32pm EST

and still no weekly prizes from fusion.

moto431Sep 28th, 2020, 11:49pm EST

I was supposed to get a graphic kit. But compared with what you're going through Hoots I could care less. Let us know how it works out. Hope you get that bike!!

HootsSep 29th, 2020, 4:03pm EST

thanks moto431. my son didn't get his graphics either. I don't think its too much to ask to just do the right thing. The industry was great this last year. I really liked this site, I have been playing here since it was motoxdream. this is the first time I have heard of this. I'm optimistic it's gonna work out. thanks again man

HootsOct 7th, 2020, 5:52pm EST

Finally talked to Scott at Fusion, he said he would call me back last Friday. So I'm just guessing here, but it doesn't appear that anyone involved in this New Motorcycle process is to eager to get ahold of me. Bummer, I've been totally cool about this, and even tried to work something out. End of the week!!!!!

HootsOct 12th, 2020, 12:16pm EST

Well guys, sorry to say this is not working out, Fusion and Power Motorsports have not and will not produce the bike that was advertised and have lied to me multiple times. I have been 100% professional and only asked them to do the right thing. I am a disabled vet on a fixed income and 5000 will not get me the new bike that I won. not even close. i tried to negotiate with power motorsports and they wanted me to give them 1000 dollars for a 125, and i would have to go to Oregon to get it , drive it home, and still have tax and title to pay for when I got here. power told me that they sold last years kx 250 for 5000, thats why they were offering me that much towards a new bike. when i asked about making it a 125 they said they could only give me a 125 for 6000. You know the Covid crises. thats funny there are no 2020 kx 250's anywhere, thats why they told me i was getting a 2021. all lies. if im not kicked off the site, i will post more and give you the entire story. if I am look for me on Vital, Racer X, and every other board that my connects will post this on.

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