Practice Results

Posted on Dec 20th, 2010, 11:12pm EST

Now that there is a practice in the books, you can go to the 2011 SX Top Teams page to see the standings for practice. As you can see, irvine25 turned the fastest practice times and is leading after the 1st practice. He made some good picks, but he didn't pick the perfect team. If you go to Race Results page, you can see how it is beneficial to take some risks and pick riders with handicaps and "underdog" status. The top 3 point riders in the 450 class were "underdogs" and the top 5 point riders in the 250 class were "underdogs". Take note and see how Matt Lemoine scored 50 points, which is twice as much as Broc Tickle got, and Broc won the race. Make notes and make your picks for the 2nd practice. I will tweak the rider list and put it up tomorrow.

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