Round #01 - Hangtown - EdJe Chainlinks Race Recap!

Posted on May 22nd, 2019, 9:49pm EST

And just like that, the opening round of the 2019 Motocross Fantasy Motocross League at Hangtown is in the books. After a long weekend of racing its time for a little R&R. What I mean by that is your all new for 2019 Race Recap. Each week I'll be coming to you live, most likely from my couch, or office, possibly a few days after the race, to give you my take on what went down, highlights, low lights, and I promise to try not and offend anyone. However, I'm not too concerned with spelling, grammar, or proof reading either but hopefully you'll tune in!

So lets start off a little conservative in that there was no sign of our 2019 Motocross Fantasy Supercross Champion TeamGreen383. My guess is he is on one of those "Supercross Only" contracts or afraid to get this new bike dirty. None the less Congrats to TeamGreen383 for the Supercross Championship and on to this past weekend.

Steveswhoops would grab the holeshot in moto 1 with madracing in tow. Mid-way through lap 1 BBMX545 would pedal by both madracing and Stevewhoops on the outside, and would never look back . The biggest surprise however is that he did it on a BMX bike or a BBMX bike. We caught up with BBMX545 after moto 1 an all he had to say was he was pretty tired. With the rain in the forecast we were all a little curious how he would fair in the mud. Ascend_Racing would come out swinging in Moto 2 grabbing an early lead but would descend a few spots back to 4th. TwoStroke381 would ring a ding ding ding ding into the lead but BBMX545 would once again pedal his way up front. On lap 381 TwoStroke381 would regain the lead for a split second but would foul a plug and drop back to 5th. Steveswhoops would move by BBMX545 and take over the lead and would go onto win Moto2. Madracing was not even mad that he would come out of the opener with 4th overall on the day but he was a little mad that a last lap pass would keep him off the box for the weekend. Ascend_Racing would ascend into 3rd overall for the weekend while BBMX545 would cross the checkers in style with an off axis, double back flip, 360 tail whip to grab the overall win at Hangtown.

Congrats to BBMX545 on the overall win at the season opener and we'll see you guys and gals on the gate next weekend.

EdJe Chainlinks Race Recap!

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