Round #02 - Fox Raceway - EdJe Chainlinks Race Recap!

Posted on May 30th, 2019, 8:03pm EST

In the wake of James Stewart's "total surprise" retirement announcement some may find themselves scratching their heads wondering what to do next. Well, flat out, we go racing! And for those of you who have been trying week in and week out to pick him for your fantasy league, I'm sorry to say but the show must go on! Rest assured he will not be showing up in your line up as yes, James Stewart has retired,,,,,, unofficially 3 years ago,,,,,,,, but officially,,,,,,, roughly 2 weeks ago,,,,,,or,,,,,,,,,,,,,um,,,,,,,,,,,ok thats done,,,,,, onto the racing!

The gate dropped at the 2nd round of the 2019 series brought to you by Say that fast 10 times. Danker would take the early lead and settle into a medium pace while Redrider382 and Nelso would keep a close eye on him. AirChairDave and Twistedmx138 started picking their way through the pack and appeared to be headed to the front. On lap 138 AirChairDave would crosswake, land on Twistedmx138 and put his skag right through Twisted's spokes. Berno would sneak by as did Cody105. AirChairDave would grab a tow from Coleshots but both would fall just outside the top 5 or as my friend Moser would stay just SHORT. Up front on lap 382 RedRider382 would make a pass on Danker, Danker would re-pass Redrider for the lead as Nelso would move into 2nd. Redrider382 would pass Nelso for 2nd then Danker fell back to 3rd handing Redrider382 the lead. On the last lap Danker would move back past both Redrider382 and Nelso to regain the lead. Nelso was unable to get back past Redrider382 and would land on the podium for the weekend. Danker would go on for the win with Redrider382 coming across in 2nd. Cody105 would finish 4th with Berno rounding out the top 5. I need a beer after that, wait, I may have already had a couple, if you haven't, then have one or 3 and that race might make more sense!

Redrider382 has taken over the overall series points lead and will roll the red plate next week at Thunder Valley. Twistedmx138 turnt in a good enough finish at Pala and now sits a close 2nd while Nelso occupies the #3 spot in the series.

Top pick's this past weekend were Jacob Hayes and Jordan Smith where Smith didnt help anybody out posting a whopping 9 points on the weekend.

Annnnd that's all for now, see you at Thunder Valley!

If you have any thoughts or requests, please feel free to comment, this could be fun! Congrats to Danker for the overall win and Redrider382 for taking over the points lead.

Thanks for tuning in!

EdJe Chainlinks

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