Round #03 Thunder Valley- EdJe Chainlinks Race Recap!

Posted on Jun 11th, 2019, 7:04pm EST

Well then, Just off the Hawaiian Supercross KathieHawaii surfed her way up to Colorado with J(Road to Hanna)41 in tow, for round 3 of the 2019 MX series. Annnnnnd then there was Nelso, who for the 2nd week in a row has found hermself on the 3rd step of the podium. One would think that Nelso should be leading the overall point series by now but herm's not. Please dont take offense to my use of gender recognition as I really have no idea who Nelso is or who anybody is for that matter. Just trying to have some fun here. Now any of you could make a comment and then we could all get a glimpse of who you are behind these ever so clever sign on's.

Now then, Big383 grabbed the holeshot on his highly illegal big bore 383 service dirt bike and walked away with moto #1. Chrislynnmx would keep the Big383 in check but was unable to grab the moto win. Moto 2 would find Big383 out front again with Chrislynnmx in tow. Nelso was just a lurking slightly behind the 2 but was well aware of Kathiehawaii on her Sunomi sufboards backed ride with Jhanna41 twisting gribs and blowing berms behind her. Chrisly(knows best)nnmx did know best and started to real in Big383 but cross rutted and jumped off the track. Chrislynnmx would wonder around aimlessly for 2 laps trying find a safe way onto the track "not to gain any ground on Big383 and to enter the track safely". Chrislynnmx would pull onto the track next to Big383, the two would slow to a small conversation that ended in a high 5 and a thumbs up resulting in Chrislynnmx slowing allowing Big383 to regain the lead he had before Chrislynnmx's off track excursion. On lap 383 Big383 would give the nod, side saddle the big bore, and ride it for 7.6 second before driving it into the dirt ending in a non qualified ride. Chislynnmx would make the pass and go on for the win in moto 2 and the overall. Nelso would fend off several hang 10 attacks from kathiehawaii and twisy Jhanna41 to claim 3rd overall for the 2nd week in a row. Kathiehawaii would grab 4th and Jhanna41 would wind, twist, and turn for 5th overall.

On the podium Big383 expressed his frustrations with Chrislynnmx's off track excursion claiming he jumped the track, cut the corner, entered in an unsafe manner nearly cleaning him out, and feels he should still get credit for the overall. After watching the replay and strict orders from his Team Manager Big383 would loose his appeal and remain in 2nd for the weekend.

In the end Chrislynnmx did know best and is your overall series point leader with Nelso in 2nd.

Take a weekend off and we'll see you at High Point.

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FourSevenSixJun 16th, 2019, 12:13pm EST

Thanks for the breakdown... when will the drop round be implemented?

Fantasy_AdminJun 18th, 2019, 5:30pm EST

@FourSevenSix The drop round will show when the results are entered in for the Red Bud round on July 6th, before the next break in the series.

EdJeJun 19th, 2019, 9:43pm EST

I see you FourSevenSix lurking in 12th hoping the drop round will help you.

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