Round #05 Florida- EdJe Chainlinks Race Recap!

Posted on Jun 27th, 2019, 9:23pm EST

Well at least the track last week was nice and smooth and it wasn't humid at all down at the 5th round of the motocrossfantasy fantasy series in Florida. Ironically Gatedroppedbraaap grabbed the holeshot in all 4 moto's this weekend but couldn't stay out front long enough to get the win. Route Team_66 had time to take a small dip in the in-filed pool each lap to keep himself cool while he walked away with the overall. MOOREtocross(my guess is there is a moore in his real name somewhere, clever) and Gatedroppedbraaap had themselves a little battle for 2nd and 3rd with Gatedrop edging out Mooretocross by just 2 points. Meanwhile the battle for 4th and 5th this weekend was intense while Dwallzee and Paris289 couldnt break free from each other all day long. On lap 289 Paris289's bike started to over heat so he sent it into the infield pond by the start straight to cool it off. Dwallzee stopped to make sure he was ok and the two proceeded to build an Eiffel tower sand castle. Once completed, Dwallzee gave Paris289 and ride to the checkers tandem style, Dwallzee would get credit for 4th while Paris289 would nab 5th but both riders were awarded 500 points. Close racing last weekend.

If my calculations are correct(which they rarely are), this will mark the 2nd week Nelso would hold down the overall series points lead over Chrislynnmx. Ktm154 took his shot at TheWeapons and moved into 3rd while The Weapons holds down 4th. JackSmit holds down 5th and FourSevenSix(who is still waiting for that drop round to help him out) didn't help himself out last week and dropped from 12th to 21st.

If your wondering what happened to Koga, refer to tip #4 of the previous race recap. Koga pulled a Stepek!

See you in the Sand Box this weekend!

EdJe Chainlinks

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