Round #08 Spring Creek Recap

Posted on Jul 25th, 2019, 3:59pm EST

What a week! We found Mike Storm, although we weren't really looking for him, more curious. Good to hear from you though Mike! SMP for life brother! Well thats all,,,,,,,,,,good luck this weekend at Washougal and we'll see you next week.

Just kidding, Stroker15 was the man to beat in the mud last week though. That sucker was smoking, spitting anit-freeze, I'm pretty sure he threw a crankshackel crossing the finish line but it was good enough for the win. Airchairdave kept Stroker15 honest but the skag just couldn't quite cut through the mud fast enough. Airchairdave would land in the top 5 for the second time this season. Canon400, bigchris036 and the frenchie Paris289 would have them a battle for the 4th spot. Canon400 managed to pedal his way into the 3rd spot, followed by bigchris036, and paris289 respectively. I believe this is paris289's second trip to the top 5 this year as well.

Thall767 holds down the points lead, Nelso drops to 4th, Jhann41's hanging 10 in 2nd, berno steps up to the plate for 5th and my boy Jacksmit is lurking in 3rd.

Going to keep it short this week as I blew out my Achilles tendon and I need to head to the store and get some pain meds, and I'm outa beer.

Tune in next week as we have a special guest joining us for the race recap. 4 time Six Days ISDE participant, GNCC, Endurocross, Motocross, you name it, this guy can ride it all, and ride it well. Stu Pidasso will be checking in with us and his take on the Washougal National.

See you next week!



tate4Jul 28th, 2019, 10:08am EST

Yes it was STP not LBZ 👍 Did Mike day what he was up too these days?

EdJeJul 31st, 2019, 11:42pm EST

Tate4,,,,,have you been drinking? 👍🏻🍻 STP is an oil, or a popular bicycle race Seattle to Portland. LOL.

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