Round #11 Budds Creek- EdJe Crankshackel's Race Recap

Posted on Aug 22nd, 2019, 7:28pm EST

And then there was one, one more round of the 2019 motocross series. One more weekend before we all go into the deep depression of what the hell are we going to do until A1 without any motocross or supercross to watch or make pics on. I guess we just gotta ride now. However, we still have a series to finish and I know a fella who made up 143 points in his private fantasy league in 1 weekend. So if you think this is over, don't count on it.

Ktm154 not only took last weekend's overall win but found himself sitting in 3rd for the overall series standings sitting only 120 points out of the lead(refer to the last sentence of paragraph one). No offense, but Noahfense found himself on the #2 spot of the box last weekend while chrislynnmx found the top five once again coming home in 3rd overall on the weekend. Chrislynmx sits just outside the top for for the series standings. It has been fun to see various riders Team names up front each week but this next one................well.................BrocTicklemynuts wound up in the #4 spot on the weekend. MX161 would round out the top 5 and sits 12th overall.

Will Thall767 be denied the motocross title? Berno sits in 2nd only 50 points behind Thall767. Paris289 and TheWeapons are separated by 15 points respectfully. And my favorite Team name of the year thus far JackSmit hovers just outside the top 5.

It has been a great season and Thank you for those who tuned in and responded to the Race Recaps this season. I hope you enjoyed them and we hope to continue the Shenanigans for next year. The more shit you guys talk in the comment sections, the more I have to write about.

Tune in next week for EdJe Crankshackels season recap.

Good luck this weekend to all of you battling for your private series and the series overall championships.

EdJe Crankshackel


tate4Aug 25th, 2019, 6:42pm EST

Congrats Thall767!!!! Nice win! Justin Paris well done my brother!!! Great Mx season to everyone! See everyone in Jan for some Supercross. Justin if you want to forfeit your prize to me I will gladly take it!

thall767Aug 29th, 2019, 12:28pm EST

Thank you! Should I be hearing something soon about the bike? Ive never been in this position so Im not sure how it all works.

Fantasy_AdminAug 29th, 2019, 1:28pm EST

Congrats thall767!! Awesome job this year. We will be getting in touch with you and the top 15 overall finishers as well here shortly! Thanks everyone for playing!

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