Round 13 Recap w/ Crankshackel

Posted on Jun 9th, 2020, 6:33pm EST

Another one in the books, don't blink, you might miss one! Some familiar faces in the top 5 last Sunday. Well, not really familiar faces but Team names rather. We had a 3 way tie for 5th with Bobsbigboys, TheWeapons, and C3 p.o racing. Cournoyer116 and and sixfiftythree are still fighting over 4th. As for 3rd, no room on Hawaii's J(roadtohanna)hann41's surfboard as 3rd place was on lockdown. Another battle for 2nd between hunterracing and FourFiveSeven but up front it was all baker Mayfield48 throwing a hail marry for the win.

Still a pretty tight battle for the series championship but can anyone knock off Southland_Racing44? Only 147 points separate Southland from 10th place so if your sitting in the top 10, your saying there is a chance. 4 rounds left to decide this championship. As for myself, I have made it into the top 40 so I"m inclined to say I've put a hurt on most of you, well except for about 40.

Gotta love all the racing these days, fans or no fans, 2 raced in 1 week is awesomeeeeeeee!

See you on the gate tomorrow.

Good Luck!

EdJe Crankshackel

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