Round #8 Detroit Triple Crown - Bonus Prizes from 365 Official - DROP ROUND

Posted on Feb 23rd, 2019, 3:23am EST

Welcome players, we have some exciting news this week! 365 Official came in this week with the bonus prizes for 11th -14th place finishers. They will receive $50 Gift Cards to Good luck!

Next make sure you get your riders picked before the lockout this weekend. It's a lot earlier then weeks past. 4:00PM PST / 7:00PM EST times. We will also be implementing the drop round after this weekends results! So now the fun begins to see who is in the championship hunt for the GRAND PRIZES!!

Also, next week in Atlanta is an east/west shootout! The 250 east coast guys you choose this week, will NOT be available for you to pick next week at the shootout. Take that into consideration when making your picks this week!
The same rules will apply for Daytona, the week after the 250 shootout. The 250 east coast guys you select at the shootout, will not be available for you to pick at Daytona.

Lastly, don't forgot this weekend is a Triple Crown race, so please remember to pick your riders wisely based on the 3 Main format and the overall winners.

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