2018 Motocross Prizes!!!

6 Overall Grand Prizes with a total worth $7,100. You have 72 chances to win Weekly Prizes totaling $400 a week for an additional $4,800 in prizes.

Players will win $12,000 in prizes playing the 2018 MX season!!!

The Grand Prize will be given to the team with the most overall points at the end of the season. For the 2018 MX season, we are giving away Grand Prizes to the top 6 overall. The points scored in the final race will be used as the tie breaker. In the event there is still a tie, we will keep going to the previous race until the tie is broken.

2018 MX Overall Prizes

1st PLACE - $4,000 Cash

2018 MX overall 1st place prize

2nd thru 6th PLACE teams will choose from the prizes remaining on this list of great prizes. The 2nd place team gets 1st choice and so on till the 6th place team gets the last remaining prize.

2018 MX 2nd place prize

Weekly prizes for 2018 MX season

2018 MX weekly prizes

Tie Breaker for Weekly Prizes

Should there be a tie in any week, except the last week of the series, the winner will be the team that scores the most points in the following race.

Should there be a tie at the end of the series. We will go back one week to determine which team had the highest point total and that team will be the winner. Should there still be a tie at that time, we will go back another week, until a winner is determined.

2018 Supercross Prizes!!!

2018 SX Overall Prizes

1st PLACE - New 2018 YZF250

2018 SX overall 1st place prize

2018 SX 2nd place prize

Weekly prizes for 2018 SX season

2018 SX weekly prizes