2019 SX prizes

Players will win over $26,000 so far in Weekly and Grand prizes in the 17 rounds of playing the 2019 SX season!!!

2019 SX Grand Prizes

The Grand Prize will be given to the team with the most overall points at the end of the season. For the 2019 SX season, we are giving away Grand Prizes guaranteed to the top 10 overall and possibly more up to 15th or 20th. We are still working on the Grand Prizes, but should have them finalized shortly. The points scored in the final race will be used as the tie breaker. In the event there is still a tie, we will keep going to the previous race until the tie is broken.

Remember, we drop your lowest score in the season so if you missed the first race of the season, you can still sign-up and battle for grand-prizes, you just wont have the advantage of dropping 1 round.

2019 SX Grand Prize
  • 1st PLACE - Brand New 2019 YZF250
  • Real Deal MX Training Facility- 1 Week Camp
  • Fox Full Set of Gear
  • Shift Full set of gear
  • Devol Engineering Product Package- $500 Value
  • Goldentyre Tire SET Front and Rear
  • Multiple Fusion Graphix Full Bike Kits
  • Multiple Viral Brand Racer Packs
  • Fox & Shift Misc Items including Helmets and Boots!
  • DIRT BANDIT Cleaning Package Kits
  • Still More Grand Prizes will be announced VERY SOON! We are hoping to have at least TOP 15 or 20 Grand Prizes. Our Grand Prize list is already amazing! and we plan to get quite a bit more added, we will have it finalized very soon!
  • We are planning on having our Grand Prizes on a position choose basis, so if you get 2nd, you can pick what you want and down the line.

2019 SX Weekly Prizes - Sponsored by

Join the Pro-Series to be eligible for the weekly prizes. Remember you can join anytime after the 1st race to still be eligible for the weekly prizes.

Motosport Gift Cards
  • 1st Place - $250 Gift Card
  • 2nd Place - $200 Gift Card
  • 3rd Place - $150 Gift Card
  • 4th Place - $100 Gift Card
  • 5th Place - $80 Gift Card
  • 6th Place - $70 Gift Card
  • 7th Place - $60 Gift Card
  • 8th Place - $50 Gift Card
  • 9th Place - $40 Gift Card
  • 10th Place - $30 Gift Card
Plus, Possible Weekly Bonus prizes from a sponsored company ranging from $100 to $300 in value. They will either get replaced with the appropriate gift card position based on value or added to a position. These will be announced before each race and how you can win them!

Tie Breaker for Weekly Prizes

Should there be a tie in any week, the winner will be the team that SCORED the most points in the PREVIOUS weeks race. With the exception of Anaheim 1, the tie breaker will be decided at the following round in Glendale.

Should there be a tie at the end of the series. We will go back one week to determine which team had the highest point total and that team will be the winner. Should there still be a tie at that time, we will go back another week, until a winner is determined.