The rules regarding this site's league should be fairly straight-forward. So that there is no confusion, we'll lay it all out below.

  1. You must be 18 to play. Refer to your local region's laws regarding prize eligibility.
  2. Your rider selections will be locked in at the official race start time.
  3. Rider Handicaps give you points as if the rider had finished X number of places better, where X is their handicap.
  4. Each week there will be underdog riders chosen by the league administrator. Underdog riders are highlighted and listed in bold. If an underdog rider finishes in the top 10 AFTER handicaps are factored in, this rider will be awarded double points. If they finish outside the top 10, they only get the standard points.
  5. You cannot pick a rider two weeks in a row. They will be shown, but crossed out when you are choosing riders.
  6. Four and only four riders can be selected per class, per race.
  7. More than one team can select the same rider in the same race.
  8. If you do not choose any riders for a race, you will not receive any points for that round. Keep in touch with us via Twitter, Facebook, RSS or our front page updates to make sure this doesn't happen.
  9. If you have a bad week, or miss a round, don't worry, we drop the worst round for each team. For SX, you will pick a total of 17 rounds, with the highest 16 rounds being added for your overall points for the season. For MX, you will pick a total of 12 rounds, with the highest 11 rounds being added for your overall points for the season.
  10. Riders will be listed and available to be picked several days before the race, usually the preceding Tuesday.
  11. Race results (and team rankings) will be updated within a day of each race, (in most cases, within a few hours after the checkered flag) almost assuredly by the following Tuesday night.
  12. We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time.
  13. Any user found cheating in any way will be removed from the league and their registration(s) will be forfeit.


Series or Season
One year of AMA Motocross OR Supercross races.
A league of players competing in a series.
Rider Handicap
Modifies a rider's finishing place as though the rider had finished X places higher, where X is the handicap.
A rider chosen by the administrator to make the league more competitive. If an underdog finishes in the top 10, they give double points to teams that pick them. If they finsh outside the top 10, they get standard points.
Points uses official AMA points as a base and then modifies that based on rider handicaps and underdog status. Motocross points will be awarded by moto, not the overall.
Each registered user of this site is referred to as a team.
One weekend worth of AMA racing.