You can pick riders based on their handicaps and underdog status. Remember if a riders name is crossed out, that means you picked them the week prior so you cant pick him again. Also remember how the Handi-Caps work. Positive Handi-Caps (6) give the rider a better finishing position, Negative Handi-Caps (-6) give the rider a worse position. Under-Dog Riders will receive Double Points if they finish in the top 10 after their Handi-Cap is applied.

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Choose your riders for each race as the season progresses. You can get to this page by clicking on "CHOOSE RIDERS" in the menu on the left after you are logged in.

Choose Riders

If you want to view each race from any DIVISION that you are in, click on the Divisions name in the Choose Riders page.

Manage Division

You can pick different sets of riders in each division. Click on "TEAM STANDINGS" to get to this page.

Team Standings

Here is a great example of how the points play out for each rider after the handicaps are put into effect. For example Blake Baggett finished 3rd in the "ACTUAL" race, but he has a 1 handicap so he got 2nd place points and because he was rated in the "UNDERDOG" status and ended up in the top 10 after his Handicap was applied he received double points. This also shows its sometimes not good to just pick who wins, look at Ryan Dungey and Eli Tomac for example, they might be the safe bet to get a maximum of 26pts per race, but will you risk picking a underdog and having them score you big points!

You can view all the race results you want to compare riders finishes and how they ended up in points by clicking on the RACE RESULTS link to your left.


Compare your chosen riders with riders picked by other team managers.

Top Picks

Plenty of options allows you to deeply strategize.

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